International Montessori for Dementia Conference


International Montessori for Dementia Conference

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The Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® provides a person-centered care approach through all levels of care systems. Our passion is engaging persons living with dementia in meaningful activity, and creating a community of persons who care for each other and are connected to the outside world. We will discuss the implications of this based on various cultures across the world. This approach is the most effective way of reducing responsive behaviors, and results in substantial reduction in the use of psychotropic medications, hypnotics, etc. In essence, it is a way of living which we call the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®. Though this method initially was developed as an educational system for children, this approach is beneficial for all persons. When applied as a management approach to care partners, it provides a positive work environment, increased autonomy, and high levels of employee engagement. These in turn result in reduced staff turnover, increased longevity, and better communication. Click here to view the full agenda and register. 

To explore applications and experiences from AG&D (CARD Training Partners in France) as they relate to a resident-driven community
To learn about the latest research using these principles with people living with dementia in the United States
To discover how these principles can be directly applied to radically improve staff experience and engagement in senior living communities

Session Titles: 

Session 1: Resident-Driven Communities – Montessori Lessons from France (Click here to watch the session recording)

Session 2: Montessori Best Practices for People Living with Dementia (Download the presentation deck here) (Click here to watch the session recording)

Session 3: Radically Improve Staff Satisfaction Using Montessori (Download the presentation deck here) (Click here to watch the session recording)