Unleashing Your Inner Sparkle During The Holidays

On-Demand Webinars: Unleashing Your Inner Sparkle During The Holidays

Unleashing Your Inner Sparkle During The Holidays

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Recorded on: 11/22/2022

It’s time to energize our batteries + reclaim our inner sparkle that gets lost in the shuffle as activity and life enrichment professionals in senior living. Don’t worry — it’s not gone forever. It’s just waiting for YOU to throw a gigantic, glittered-powered Welcome Home party! Bryan Rife, Director of Quality Assurance at NCCAP, will show us how to transform from being overwhelmed to overjoyed — and take small-but-strong steps in the direction we truly want your life to be.

This webinar will help you be happier with yourself, instead of looking outside for happiness and provide examples of how this mindset shift can in turn improve resident engagement, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

You will learn how to “sparkle like you mean it” and “not let anyone ever dull your sparkle” while “leaving a little bit of sparkle wherever you go. Special guest Vicki de Klerk-Rubin, Validation Training Institute Executive Director and Validation Master, will also guide participants through a calming ‘centering’ exercise.

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to:

• Understand how to identify elements that have a negative impact on their well-being and how that can prevent them from engaging meaningfully with their residents
• Learn ways to turn the negative into a positive and energize especially during the holiday season in senior living communities
• Understand the importance of taking time for yourself and indulging in self-care so that you are feeling your best when you are engaging with residents and familie

Bryan Rife
Director of Quality Assurance