Product Advisory Board

Linked Senior’s Product Advisory Board is designed to bring like-minded professionals together who are invested in furthering the field of resident engagement utilizing tools, strategies and vision, and to discuss further product development ultimately servicing and providing quality of care to residents in senior living.

Product Advisory Board Members: 2024 – 2025

Melissa Dillon
Corporate Director of Memory Care
Senior Resource Group

Marisa Payne, BHT, DCS, DCSCT (She/Her)
Brain Health & Wellness Specialist
Aging & Adult Services Consultant
In Pursuit of Wellness

Alicia Fenstermacher, LSW/MSW, NHA, CDP
Vice President of Purposeful Living
Presbyterian Senior Living

Kerry-Ann Graham, CDP
OBT Life Enrichment Coordinator
The Evergreens
Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Inc.

Erin Casho, MPH
Memory Care Community Coordinator
Bayleigh Chase – Acts Retirement Life Community Affiliate

Product Advisory Board Alumni

Steven Littlehale
Chief Innovation Officer
Zimmet Healthcare Services Group

Donna Kelsey
Chief Executive Officer
American Senior Communities

Jill McKenrick, CDP, PCHA
Director of Sales and Marketing
Juniper Communities


  • Understand how organizations view the current state of resident engagement.
  • Identify where the field of resident engagement needs to be.
  • Develop a plan to move resident engagement towards these goals.
  • Discuss what tools, strategies, visions, and platforms can help set the standard for resident engagement.
  • Implement this plan for change.