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Linked Senior uses simple and scalable technology to help you deliver on your promise of meaningful, person-centered care. Our affordable platform empowers your staff to engage all of your residents in an efficient and individualized way.

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Our award winning and HIPAA compliant platform includes:

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Linked Senior is dedicated to supporting our clients each and every day. Our team continuously trains, supports and creates additional content to achieve maximum value for platform users.

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Our accessible application is used by family and staff to engage residents with evidence-based programs such as cognitive games, music for therapy, reminiscing and other therapeutic interventions for a high-touch, person-centered experience.

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Our dashboard helps you measure, manage and optimize resident engagement. Real time reporting and data analytics give you insights on how the needs and desires of each resident are being met.

Our platform enables the user to:

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Plan and create a strategy for your residents, one person at a time: What is the most person-centered engagement strategy that will foster well-being with deep therapeutic benefits?

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Icon: Person Magnifying Glass (grey)


Assess and understand the needs and interests of the residents you serve. The question we like to ask is: Who are your residents, and what do they want or need?

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Implement the program, whether is it music for therapy, cognitive games or a travel discussion group, the possibilities are endless.

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Evaluate the effectiveness of the program and understand how to optimize how you are serving residents. Data at the resident level can be used for individualized service plans, care planning and family engagement. This also encourages collaboration among staff members and families.

Linked Senior Case Studies

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Fall Prevention Using Person Centered Dementia Engagement
Learn how this community is using person centered dementia engagement as part of their fall prevention initiatives.
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