Validation World Congress 2023


Validation World Congress 2023

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When Naomi Feil developed the Validation method, she put the older adult in the middle. She said, “We need to cross the street and meet them where they are now.” As care partners, we need to step into their shoes and find empathy. Through empathy, we find connection and communication. That was in the early 1980s and those concepts as well as the Validation method have become the backbone of ‘person-centered care’ today.

This conference will explore the various ways that Feil’s concepts and the Validation method have inspired others to develop new ways of connecting and communicating with older adults living with cognitive change. This event will help care partners in every setting create a tool chest filled with ways of preventing withdrawal and develop strategies to also care for themselves to prevent burn-out.

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Explore what it means to ‘live life fully’ in very old age – with and without cognitive change.
Experience two exercises that they can use in the future to practice good self-care.
Learn about methods that enhance connection and communication with older adults living with cognitive change, that is based on person-centered care.