Nature and Expressive Arts as a Human Right in Dementia Care


Nature and Expressive Arts as a Human Right in Dementia Care

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This session will address the common barriers that often prevent people who are living with dementia in senior living to get outside. Addressing dementia through a nature-based and human rights lens, Dr. Michelle Olson and Jodie Berman will share case examples of how forest therapy and art therapy can offer alternative means of communication for people who are living with dementia.

They will share tips for senior living organizations to develop deeper age-diverse relationships in their communities through nature and expressive arts. They will include an inspiring opportunity for attendees to take a well-deserved breath with nature and enjoy a simple, art experiential. No prior art experience is needed! Participants just will need access to the outdoors, a window, or even a house plant. Bring any drawing materials you have on hand and a piece of paper!

Attendees will be able to:
• State two barriers that senior living faces in getting people outside and at least two solutions to overcome these challenges.
• Outline how ageism and ableism show up in senior living and how age-diverse connections can help eradicate these common phenomena.
• Explain how nature-based art therapy and expressive arts programming valuable and effective means of communication and empowerment for people can be living with dementia.

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Dr. Michelle Olson

Founder and Executive Director, Evergreen Minds, Inc

Jodie Berman

Director of Education, Evergreen Minds, Inc.