Equity in Aging Begins with Memory Support

On-Demand Webinars: Equity in Aging Begins with Memory Support

Equity in Aging Begins with Memory Support

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Recorded on: 03/07/2023

Communication, language, mental, and physical ability are all areas of inclusion we encounter in our day-to-day work. We even make plans of care around them and create guides, translations, cognitive assessments, and physical rehabilitation, to name a few. Despite this, the pandemic exacerbated a long-existing problem for older adults…social isolation, the antithesis of inclusion. In response, we evolved approaches through tools like FaceTime and Zoom and embraced technology that was once a nicety but is now a much-needed utility for filling the social prescription.
For persons living with dementia with memory support needs, we must employ the tools needed to consistently hear from and communicate with them as they navigate cognitive changes. Are we demonstrating fluency in the varied facets of communication with a person living with dementia? Can their voices, desires, and needs be heard and included? Is equity in aging attainable for persons living with dementia? The answer is yes.

Participants who join this webinar will be able to:

  • Define and understand the diverse communication and mental abilities of persons living with cognitive change within the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Learn about dementia so you have skills that help you communicate effectively with persons living with cognitive change.
  • Understand the role providers can play in committing to a journey of inclusion that ensures equity in aging for persons living with cognitive change.

Marvell Adams, Jr.
Founder and CEO
W Lawson

Marvell Adams, Jr. has known since high school that he would serve older adults as a part of his life’s work. His career journey has taken him well beyond his home state of South Carolina and he has had the good fortune of spectacular mentors and enriching professional experiences. He has been a project manager, nursing home administrator, CEO, facilitator, international speaker, coach, and educator, to name a few. And now, as Founder & CEO of W Lawson, he is continuing two decades of committed service to older adults with a focus on inclusion, belonging and creating communities for older adults that authentically welcomes them and their chosen family and friends. He has a very full and delightful family life in Baltimore, MD where he resides with his wife, Dr. Karoline Moon and their 7-year-old girl/boy twins and 5-year-old daughter.

Erin Bonitto, M.S., A.D.C.
Founder and Lead Coach
Gemini Consulting

Erin Bonitto

As the Founder and Lead Coach of Gemini Consulting, Erin Bonitto is a gerontologist who provides hands-on dementia communication coaching at partner communities across the nation, including skilled nursing homes, assisted living centers and memory care providers. Using the ‘Buddies Forever Dementia Communication Coaching System,’ Erin’s partner communities learn how to provide persons with dementia the gifts of pleasure, purpose and peace – while making measurable impacts on clinical and operational goals related to psychotropic use, behavioral outcomes, fall rates, team member morale and family satisfaction. These projects have been grant-funded in several states and described by providers as their ‘missing link’ to culture transformation. Her educational background includes an M.S. in Gerontology and an Activity Director Certification, but her true education began with jobs in dietary and caregiving, throughout her high school and college years. When Erin is not providing coaching, she can be found as a popular featured speaker at aging services conferences. Additionally, Erin is a frequent presenter and coach for family, community, and lay caregiver groups – offering simple and creative strategies with profound empathy – having lived the dementia journey with her own dad.  Erin has been described as a speaker who “can bring tears to your eyes and make you laugh out loud,” all while delivering real-world, nuts and bolts tools that learners can put to use immediately.