Build it Better Together: Activity Connection and Linked Senior


Build it Better Together: Activity Connection and Linked Senior

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Live Webinar: Thursday, January 28th, from 2pm – 3pm EST

This webinar will show how two content-rich activity products, Activity Connection and Linked Senior’s Celo app, can be used together to enable activity professionals to easily minimize planning time and maximize programming delivery. To make the point, it will use Activity Connection’s March building theme with examples from both sites to illustrate enhancements particularly for one-to-one programming.

Body of Knowledge categories:

7 – Leisure and Aging, 18 – Individualized Care Planning, 19 – Program Management and 21 – Program Types

• Explain and familiarize attendees with the newly launched Linked Senior Celo Basic app as a rich resource of easy to maneuver, computer-based programming

• Illustrate how the new device-based Celo programming can be integrated with the long-established Activity Connection offerings which include both printable and video programming that is refreshed monthly

• Examine how to create more comprehensive programming for the one-to-one interactions that have become so vital by combining the offerings in both sources

Watch the recording here.

Kathy Laurenhue
Wiser Now, Inc.

Kathy Laurenhue’s company, Wiser Now, Inc., is a multi-media publishing and staff development company focused on wellbeing in aging that aims to be practical and lighthearted in everything it produces. That means that a course on continence care for people with dementia began by noting, “We can’t be anal about this.”

On the practical side, Wiser Now provides dozens of online courses, webinars and other consulting services to a variety of clients in the U.S. and Australia. Her brain- stimulating writing includes more than a thousand downloadable, printable trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics, and imaginative/ reminiscence exercises that can be adapted into multiple formats. Her latest products include creating a series of slide shows related to those games and quizzes and turning her online courses into downloadable audiovisual webinars. Kathy is also the author of five books, including, Creating Delight – Connecting Gratitude, Humor, and Play, which essentially sums up her life and work goals.

Charles de Vilmorin
CEO and Co-Founder
Linked Senior

Charles de Vilmorin is passionate about honoring the older adult in our society. From his master’s thesis on nursing homes and memory care, to his close connections with the older adults in his family, to creating and leading Linked Senior, a resident engagement platform for senior living, he is an advocate for the person-centered movement. With Linked Senior, he has more than twelve years of experience building solutions that value meaningful engagement to meet the changing needs and preferences of every older adult. Charles is on the board of the Validation Training Institute that promotes the Validation Method, work of Naomi Feil and on the Innovation Council for AMDA, the American Medical Doctor Association. He also started the Old People are Cool initiative to combat rampant ageism in our society and build intergenerational conversations and collaboration.