The Power of Purpose at all Levels of Living and Care

On-Demand Webinars: The Power of Purpose at all Levels of Living and Care

The Power of Purpose at all Levels of Living and Care

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Recorded on: 04/20/2021

Meaning and purpose is key to creating a culture of well-being across the senior living spectrum, from independent living to skilled nursing. This session explores the concept of Purpose-Centered Senior Living described in a 2020 Journal on Active Aging article, and offers specific examples of innovative approaches that empower elders to remain engaged and serve others to the best of their abilities. It also describes the building blocks necessary to support an individual and collective mindset of engagement and purpose among staff and residents. Finally, it discusses specific tools and strategies to “prime” new residents and staff to embrace a purpose-centered community culture, and help leverage purpose as a differentiator in your market.

Participants who join this webinar will be able to:

  • Briefly outline the role of purpose in well-being, and describe specific examples of successful purpose-centered approaches across the spectrum of living and care environments.
  • Explain how optimizing resilience, mutual social support, and the ability to give as well as receive helps form a collective mindset of engagement and purpose among staff and residents.
  • Evaluate specific strategies to “prime” a mindset of well-being and purpose from an individual’s first contact with your community, and showcase your commitment to quality-of-life leadership in the marketplace.

Kay Van Norman
President, Brilliant Aging

Kay Van Norman, is the President of Brilliant Aging and an internationally known aging expert. She directed the Keiser Institute on Aging, serves on international boards, speaks and consults around the world, and has an extensive list of publications, including three books and scores of journal articles. Kay is living her purpose and passion as a consultant, lifelong dancer, and backcountry horsewoman.

Charles de Vilmorin
Linked Senior

Charles de Vilmorin is the co-founder and CEO of Linked Senior. He is passionate about honoring the older adult in our society. From his master’s thesis on nursing homes and memory care, to his close connections with the older adults in his family, to creating and leading Linked Senior, a resident engagement platform for senior living, he is an advocate for the person-centered movement. With Linked Senior, he has more than twelve years of experience building solutions that value meaningful engagement to meet the changing needs and preferences of every older adult. Charles is on the board of the Validation Training Institute that promotes the Validation Method, work of Naomi Feil and on the Innovation Council for AMDA, the American Medical Doctor Association. He also started the Old People are Cool initiative to combat rampant ageism in our society and build intergenerational conversations and collaboration.