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Coordination and Cooperation benefits Assisted Living Facilities

After several years and cooperative efforts from some of the nation’s leading voices and advocates of public health, the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA) was signed into law by President Barack Obama, January 4, 2011. This law will allow for the creation of a coordinated plan to attack the ravages of the devastating disease of […]

Does Music Therapy Really Work?

Have you ever noticed that individuals with dementia are often times able to sing along to a familiar song even though they may have a hard time remembering daily occurrences and/or their communication may be impaired? Why is this? According to studies performed by the American Music Therapy Association, there are certain pathways of the […]

5 tips to lead groups of cognitively impaired residents

According to Elder Care Communications, up to half of all nursing home residents have some form of dementia or cognitive impairment. We all know that cognitive and memory impairment can change how a person thinks, acts, responds and/or feels. These changes often present special challenges for families and caregivers, especially in a social environment. An […]

Linked Senior appoints Kristin Petersen as VP of Corporate Accounts

Washington DC, February, 3rd 2012: Linked Senior Inc., a next generation technology provider helping senior care leaders improve the quality of life of their residents, announced today it has appointed Kristin Petersen as Vice President of Corporate Accounts. In this role, Kristin will be responsible for handling corporate accounts, direct and indirect marketing strategy, and will […]