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Reimagining Dementia: A Creative Coalition for Justice

At Linked Senior, we firmly support the idea that when it comes to supporting those living with dementia, “nothing about us, without us.” This is why we are proud to highlight the work of the Reimagining Dementia Coalition and their mission to promote inclusion, relationships, creativity, joy, and the possibility of growth for everyone impacted […]

Engaging Residents with the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®

The Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® is, first and foremost, a person-centered approach to life. Based on the fundamental human values of respect, dignity, equality and trust it can be applied to any setting and to all persons. In the case of memory care, this translates into creating what we call “resident-driven” communities. In such a model, […]

Staff Empowerment is the Cornerstone of Person-Centered Care

To maximize the return on investment, providers need to embrace resident engagement as an organization-wide strategy, invite Elders and team members to be citizens of their community and support their most valuable resource: the people actually showing up at work and collaborating with Elders every day.… Read more

Reflecting on the Shine Your Light Celebration

As our industry rebuilds quality of life for the elders we serve, TimeSlips partnered with the #ActivitiesStrong initiative led by Linked Senior to launch Shine Your Light – a celebration to illuminate the industry with creative care and celebrate activity and life enrichment professionals and their residents.… Read more

From ‘Failure to Thrive’ to Living with Purpose

Activity and life enrichment professionals need to articulate their value from a business perspective and the community’s leadership team needs to incorporate these conversations into their strategies. This conversation is critical because when it is successful, every resident can live meaningfully without fear of failure to thrive. … Read more