The State of Resident Engagement in 2019 | Webinar January 2019

On-Demand Webinars: The State of Resident Engagement in 2019 | Webinar January 2019

The State of Resident Engagement in 2019 | Webinar January 2019

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Recorded on: 01/22/2019

New strategies for optimizing resident engagement present exciting opportunities for senior care providers to engage each of their residents in a meaningful way every day, beyond the standard 3 Bs: Bingo, Bible & Birthday. A national Linked Senior survey of more than 300 activity directors uncovered new data on the challenging part of their work and what prevents them from engaging their residents in a meaningful way. Coming from various care settings and levels of expertise, the aggregate data offers a unique understanding on where the challenges and opportunities stand. This webinar will explore how many providers, caregivers, residents and family members are partnering to enhance resident engagement no matter a person’s current interests or ability. Whether you are a front-line caregiver, a manager or someone overseeing resident engagement at a corporate level, this webinar will provide you with exclusive insights and access to actionable data.


  1. Understand a unique perspective on where the resident engagement field is currently and what the landscape for 2019 looks like
  2. Examine the types of challenges currently facing the field of engagement and explore the aspirations of the caregiver, the resident and their families
  3. Learn about best practices through practical case studies and see what the future may hold for engagement



Charles de Vilmorin
Linked Senior

Charles de Vilmorin is the co-founder and CEO of Linked Senior, a resident engagement platform for senior care. He has more than 9 years of experience in the healthcare and long-term care field. He is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Validation Method Worker.