Connecting Recruitment to Brand Strategy

On-Demand Webinars: Connecting Recruitment to Brand Strategy

Connecting Recruitment to Brand Strategy

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Recorded on: 07/12/2022

Join Linked Senior on Tuesday, July 12th for an Executive Edition webinar featuring Katie Churchill and Max McNamara, of Full Spectrum Search Group. They will discuss how your organization can build its brand by improving your recruitment strategy. You will be able to hire passionate people with a sense of purpose who will improve resident engagement and satisfaction. Improving storytelling and enabling choice for residents and staff will help your organization become a better employer, partner and provider. Learn how a better recruitment strategy can help develop career growth, leadership, feedback, and skills development so that residents will feel heard, empowered and connected to a sense of purpose. Your business will be connected to your vision and grow by doing good! 

Participants who join this webinar will be able to:

  • Learn storytelling strategies for marketing and outreach so that you can hire the best person to fit with your company.
  • Understand why people may be leaving your organization so that you can be proactive in creating professional and personal growth opportunities to keep people on the team.
  • Outline how improving recruitment strategies can have a positive impact on your brand and improve resident engagement

Max McNamara
Full Spectrum Search Group

As CEO, Max hires and empowers his people to carry out the company’s vision, while nurturing daily high-level operations, growth, and expansion. Max is an expert in the senior living and healthcare industry. Previous to recruiting, Max spent five years as a teacher in the private education space. After a half-decade of teaching Max felt there was more to accomplish with his career. Still pursuing his love for fostering growth in others, Max tripped and fell into recruiting and realized there is no better career. “I change people’s lives on a daily basis and I take that very seriously. There is something exceptional about plugging an individual into a corporation and then witnessing their personal growth simultaneous to the organization’s growth. It’s something wildly exhilarating and addicting. When he’s not in the office, Max enjoys camping, fishing, snowboarding, and all adrenaline-boosting activities. He also has an affinity for convincing his wife and three children to join him in his thrill-seeking.

Katie Churchill
Division Director, Senior Living
Full Spectrum Search Group

Katie is spearheading the Senior Living practice on the West Coast. Prior to recruiting and working at Full Spectrum, Katie spent ten years in the Senior Living industry as a Regional Sales Director and Sales Director for companies on the West Coast. After almost a decade in sales for senior living, she had a conversation with Max and decided to join the team at Full Spectrum, recruiting quality candidates. Now, Katie is running the Senior Living practice on the West Coast. “I get the opportunity to connect with various professionals from our industry every single day. We talk about their needs, their company’s growth and organization, and which candidates will further accelerate their company. It is very fulfilling knowing Full Spectrum can support a vision for a company and have it come to reality. “ During her free time, Katie loves to spend time with her husband, her two kids, and their dog, Rivers. She loves going to Mammoth, to the beach, reading, and running around with her toddlers.