Living with Dementia During COVID-19 | Webinar October 2020

On-Demand Webinars: Living with Dementia During COVID-19 | Webinar October 2020

Living with Dementia During COVID-19 | Webinar October 2020

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Recorded on: 10/20/2020

Join us for this Linked Senior webinar with Karen Love, Executive Director at Dementia Action Alliance, who will moderate a discussion with two individuals living with dementia who will describe their experiences and how COVID-19 especially impacts people living with dementia and how they are managing:

  • Experiencing early signs and symptoms
  • Getting a diagnosis and what next
  • Accepting the diagnosis to move on and live proactively
  • Finding purpose and meaning in life – “I don’t want to just live but to thrive”
  • COVID-19 and learning how to manage this strange new world

Participants who join will:
Learn the challenges many people experience just getting diagnosed with dementia.
Understand the importance of accepting a diagnosis of dementia before being able to move on to living proactively with it.
Learn how some individuals living with dementia find purpose and meaning in their lives with dementia.

Karen Love
Executive Director
Dementia Action Alliance

Karen Love is a gerontologist and a nationally known dementia specialist.  She began professionally as a speech therapist and transitioned into long-term care administration in nursing homes, assisted living, and continuing care retirement communities.  She has been working to advance practices of excellence in dementia care for over 30 years; the past 20 years at a national leadership level.  She co-founded three national advocacy and education organizations – the Dementia Action Alliance, the Direct Care Alliance, and the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living, and received two National Institute on Aging Small Business Innovative Research Awards for dementia research [2010, 2012].  Ms Love is the Executive Director of the Dementia Action Alliance, a national nonprofit creating a better world in which to live with dementia.

Charles de Vilmorin
CEO and Co-Founder
Linked Senior

Charles de Vilmorin is passionate about honoring the older adult in our society. From his master’s thesis on nursing homes and memory care, to his close connections with the older adults in his family, to creating and leading Linked Senior, a resident engagement platform for senior living, he is an advocate for the person-centered movement. With Linked Senior, he has more than twelve years of experience building solutions that value meaningful engagement to meet the changing needs and preferences of every older adult. Charles is on the board of the Validation Training Institute that promotes the Validation Method, work of Naomi Feil and on the Innovation Council for AMDA, the American Medical Doctor Association. He also started the Old People are Cool initiative to combat rampant ageism in our society and build intergenerational conversations and collaboration.