Leading a Culture for Intergenerational Living

On-Demand Webinars: Leading a Culture for Intergenerational Living

Leading a Culture for Intergenerational Living

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Recorded on: 05/12/2020

This webinar will give a good overview of building a culture of intergenerational living in a senior community. Erin Hilligan, Vice President of Operations at Ebenezer/M Health Fairview Health System, will share best practices and how data can help build the story as to why intergenerational living is an engaged community.

You will learn:

• How to create a framework to assess your community for intergenerational readiness.
• How to create a framework to develop stories to enhance the understanding of why intergenerational living has people strongly recommend our programs.
• Examples of ways to develop an intergenerational community without a day care on site.


Erin Hilligan
Vice President of Operations
Ebenezer Society

Erin Hilligan

Erin Hilligan is the Vice President of Operations at Ebenezer Society and is a licensed nursing home Administrator.  She has been part of the Ebenezer family for over 18 years.  Erin is responsible for 6 Skilled Nursing Facilities/Campus’, over 40 Housing establishments, 3 child care centers, 6 adult day centers, and 5 HUD’s.  In her 25-year career in the senior services industry Erin has worked with seniors, employees, volunteers, developers as well as state and local government to ensure Ebenezer lives up to its promise to provide compassionate and quality care in our many communities.

Erin is on the LeadingAge Minnesota Board of Directors and is part of the Executive Committee serving in the position of Chair-Elect.  She was a professor at St. Mary’s University in the Master’s program teaching Ethics and Public Policy.  Erin has her MBA from St. Thomas University with a concentration in Leadership and her Bachelor of Arts from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN in Hospital and Long-Term-Care Administration.

Charles de Vilmorin
CEO and Co-founder
Linked Senior

Photo: Charles de Vilmorin

Charles de Vilmorin is the co-founder and CEO of Linked Senior, a resident engagement platform for senior care. He has more than 9 years of experience in the healthcare and long-term care field. He is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Validation Method Worker.

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