“Building as Caregiver”: Tech Advances in Senior Living

On-Demand Webinars: “Building as Caregiver”: Tech Advances in Senior Living

“Building as Caregiver”: Tech Advances in Senior Living

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Recorded on: 08/15/2023

This session will provide attendees with a framework for understanding the state of tech advancements today, the areas where meaningful impact is able to be measured, and a discussion about the future of AI-enhanced environments to support activity professionals and caregivers as they look to optimize meaningful engagement for residents.

Advancements in technology and building design are changing how we think about the delivery of care and services in senior living with positive results measured through reductions in hospitalizations and adverse events, operational efficiencies, and improvements in job satisfaction. However, research indicates the adoption of technology in senior living is hampered by a lack of funding, ownership structures, and staffing as well as barriers to experiencing the benefits of technology-infused care and services due, in part, to inadequate investment in preparation, infrastructure, and training.

More than 70% of the nursing homes and assisted living communities in the United States are considered for-profit, and more than half are chain affiliated. Stakeholders in the success of senior living extend beyond operators, residents, and families. Owners, technology developers, designers, suppliers, can provide critical resources for planning, funding/financing, and support in the master planning of the “building as caregiver”.

The gaps between what is possible for technology to do, and what is the reality for providers to afford and absorb, continue to grow. When meaningful technology is available in areas such as resident engagement, health and safety monitoring, predictive analytics, sensors, and networks to make buildings more efficient, how are providers are prioritizing where to focus?

Attendees will be able to:

  • Review factors impacting technology investment priorities and technology adoption in senior living environments.
  • Compare and contrast ideas for measuring ROI as “building as caregiver” for both the immediate and longer-term impact and planning for technology investments.
  • Explore areas where AI is impacting the data generated within a “building as caregiver” model and key areas for providers to consider in moving forward.

Liz Jensen

Clinical Director, Direct Supply Innovation & Technology Center @MSOE

Liz Jensen

Justin Smith

Manager of Innovation & Technology, Direct Supply Innovation & Technology Center @MSOE