A New Kind of Activity Calendar Strategy for Dementia Care

On-Demand Webinars: A New Kind of Activity Calendar Strategy for Dementia Care

A New Kind of Activity Calendar Strategy for Dementia Care

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Recorded on: 04/04/2023

Bella Groves is actively working to rethink and redesign activities and programming which contrasts with the “calendar” mentality in dementia care. Their team has been experimenting with developing different ways to be unregimented but structured, provide training and guidance to caregivers so that everyone at the community is treated as an activity professional, optimize engagement by having families contribute to dementia programming and learning to balance the practicality of group programming versus the need for individualized programming.
The other big undercurrent through all this work is learning how to help families who are caring for a loved one living with dementia at home. The entire premise of Bella Groves as an organization is that they are testing and improving their approach and methods for the express purpose of sharing that knowledge with family caregivers.

Participants who join this webinar will be able to:

  • Differentiate a traditional activity calendar versus structured autonomy.
  • Discuss the importance of dementia training with care staff who lead activities.
  • Explain how to engage family members as active participants in the social contract of dementia care, which includes activities.

James Lee
Co-Founder and CEO
Bella Groves

James Lee, has served in the senior and aging services profession for 15 years. In 2021, he transitioned from progressive and successful work in established senior living organizations to launch three interrelated endeavors: co-founding a dementia support company, establishing a consulting firm for small businesses in senior living, and creating a leadership podcast and associated content/events. A well-regarded speaker and industry thought leader, James is keen on supporting and leading discussions and actions toward innovations and improvements in the profession of aging services. He produces the Level Up Leadership Podcast and the Senior Living Think Tank event, which brings together professionals who develop freely available resources, guides, and tools to help the industry at large. He resides in San Antonio, Texas and is a graduate of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.