The Ipad can even… assess mobility!

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The Ipad can even… assess mobility!

Posted on February 8, 2011

Actually this can also be a PC based application. The important aspect is that standards are developed to assess one’s mobility.
The ability of someone to move around is closely linked to overall health and quality of life, but there isn’t much standards or easy to use tools to evaluate and monitor this function.

To solve the problem, Tony Marsh and Jack Rejeski developed the Mobility Assessment Tool (MAT) with the help of colleagues in the computer science department (Yue-Ling Wong) and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (Eddie Ip).

The MAT is a new and unique way to assess mobility in older adults using video animation rather than written questions. Within four minutes, the assessment is complete and provides results to the patient and the caregiver. The score informs and helps older adults better understand their current mobility and can provide a yardstick to monitor changes in how well they get around.

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