Music frees of fall???

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Music frees of fall???

Posted on November 18, 2010

There are numerous positive effect of music. From helping premature baby develop quicker to soothing and calming older adults, listening to music has always been an helpful tool and relaxing activity.
Retirement communities are no exception, music and musical activities have found their place and are often used to enhance life of residents. but music programming is about to get a new lift: New research shows that seniors who participate in activities that incorporate both music and rhythmic movement may suffer from fewer falls.

Falls are difficult to predict and have often huge consequences on the life of seniors; therefore, they are one of the biggest threats of senior living in communities. They frequently cause bone fractures, including hip fractures, which are a major contributor to hospitalizations and long-term disability among the elderly. Using music and music activities could greatly improve life of seniors by helping their balance.

Working out with music may improve gait, balance and reduce fall risk, says a study that that will be included in the March 28 edition of Archives of Internal Medicine. University Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine of Geneva, Switzerland, researchers completed a controlled study using a year-long music-based multitask exercise program, including exercises such as walking in time to the piano music and responding to changes in the music’s rhythm. The average age of the 134 participants (chosen because of their risk of falling) was 75.5 years, and 96 percent were women.

As for the long-term effects, study participants who took the classes in the first half of the study were still showing improved balance and walking ability six months after the classes ended, according to Trombetti and his colleagues.