Teaching and learning – essential parts of retirement

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Teaching and learning – essential parts of retirement

Posted on September 6, 2010

What’s great about teaching is that it’s fun, easy to implement and can actually keep you brain healthy. Latest research show that tutoring amongst seniors might dramatically improve their well being:
“Ideally, we’d like to see if this mentoring program reduces the risk for dementia and other costly diseases,” said Michelle Carlson, lead researcher of the new expanded study, in an interview with the Associated Press. Carlson, professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, adds: “We’re looking at whether we can recalibrate their rate of aging – and show that people at the greatest health risk are the ones who can benefit most immediately.”
Carlson points to recent extensive research about the benefits of mental exercises, such as crossword puzzles, and suggests that tutoring children may be even more effective by integrating cognitive, physical, and social activity, according to the Associated Press. “How many crossword puzzles can you do before you get bored with them?” Carlson posed. “This tutoring gets people engaged in doing what the brain is supposed to do – the brain is a social organ.”

As a first step, tutoring can easily be added in the life of a community through inter-generational but also social programming.
Further down the road, residents, staff & family members should be consulted for the creation of a syllabus. This new type of program will help the community become a learning center where everyone can come, meet and continue their education!
Such initiatives are great to open up these institutions and let people nurture themselves
Healthy brains and culture change in one initiative!!