Silvers Summit @ CES 2010

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Silvers Summit @ CES 2010

Posted on January 11, 2010

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas is the annual meeting of everything that has to do with technology. Some view it as an annual pilgrimage to spot products before they take off. Major successes were introduced there such as the CD, the DVD, the Blue Ray format…

While the highlights of the 2010 version of the show were 3D technology, tablet PCs and e-book readers, it also had the Silvers Summit, a full day program on Saturday, January 9; it showcased the products and services that keep boomers engaged, entertained, connected and healthy. This year’s was the second edition of this particular show that targets seniors. It was both awaited and very well attended: “When you have a growing market segment, everybody wants a piece of the action,” said Majd Alwan, director of the Center for Aging Services Technologies.

The event was very well covered by the press and it is interesting to see what the upcoming trends in the industry are. This kind of heavily media-covered event shows a deep change from manufacturers and technology providers. It might have a very positive impact on the quality and the offering of product designed for seniors.
As we previously mentioned on Monday, April 6, 2009 in our blog post:Older Americans and technology design, manufacturers need to include seniors in the design of consumer electronics and technology. From announcements of coming products and offering, it seems that technology will increasingly answer the needs of seniors for attention to impairments, preventive tools but also simplicity and the need to be connected.

Now, as Laurie Orlov mentions in her blog: “vendors and service providers who want to launch their products or services for the boomer-senior market should skip CES and its sub-events. Instead, you need to be at the events where either boomers themselves are (AARP Life@50+, for example) or go to events where the professionals in this industry are (ASA, Baby Boomer What’s Next, Connected Health, Health 2.0, AAHSA, ALFA, etc.).
This is especially true when you look at their low attendance in events that actually support the well being of seniors or best practices in the senior housing market.

But as one says: one step at a time!!!