Our Service


Linked Senior is a web based HIPAA compliant dementia and therapy engagement platform.The service provides custom, person centered experiences for the senior care market through touch enabled cloud based software applications.  Residents, staff and families have access to meaningful engagement and stimulation no matter the background of the person or where they are on their physical or cognitive journey.

The service is focused on improving outcomes & quality of life by empowering the staff while reducing compliance risk and supporting marketing and referrals.

It can be integrated with Electronic Health Records (EHR) for additional clinical value and used for family engagement as well.

The service is simple:

  1. Linked Senior provides touchscreen applications used by residents, staff & family members.
  2. The content is constantly and automatically updated because the platform is 100% web based.
  3. Each client is assigned a community relationship manager that continuously trains, supports and creates additional content to achieve maximum value.
  4. A dashboard tool provides real time, clear and actionable reports to optimize quality of care.