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Advancing Recreation and Cognitive Engagement through Technology

Since September 2017, Responsive Health Management (RHM) in Toronto has been working in collaboration with Linked Senior with generous funding from the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) through the Baycrest Foundation. CABHI is a solution accelerator, helping to drive innovation in the aging and brain health sector. Webinar participants will hear from Marion Godoy and Abi Awosanya of RHM about preliminary study results, explore a number of best practices used by RHM and their teams at the research sites, and understand what the future of resident engagement may hold.… Read more

Enhancing Care Through Music and Memory

Participants will be introduced to the Music & Memory program and the broad scope of benefits of personalized music, as well as learn about the current evidence-based protocols for using music to optimize patient quality of life and quality of care. An overview of the research supporting the programs effectiveness will be provided, as well as best practices for successful implementation in a variety of care settings.
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Digitizing Engagement

Explore new trends, innovative products and implementation best practices in improving the experience of our residents. From intelligent voice control devices to artificial intelligence and cognitive “orthotics”, we will explore the landscape of technologies to support senior care staff in enhancing autonomy and well-being for their residents.
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New Rules of Participation

The new Rules of Participation and guidance have been in effect for several months. There is clearly an increased focus on person-centered engagement through individualized activities. Dr. Levy will share her perspective on how medical directors and facility practitioners can support their facilities in meeting the new regulatory requirements. Changes in expectations for medical directors and practitioners will also be highlighted.… Read more