Stories from the Frontline – Hear from Resident Engagement Champions | Webinar November 2019

On-Demand Webinars: Stories from the Frontline – Hear from Resident Engagement Champions | Webinar November 2019

Stories from the Frontline – Hear from Resident Engagement Champions | Webinar November 2019

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Recorded on: 11/19/2019

Live Webinar: Tuesday, November 19th, from 1pm – 2pm EST

This webinar will focus on real life stories from two leaders in the resident engagement field: Donielle Weatherholtz-Palmer and Elsabet Haile. The presenters will share their experience and background and explain some of their challenges in creating meaningful, purposeful opportunities for residents, especially ones living with cognitive change. They will then describe tried and true strategies they have implemented and give actionable and tangible advice on how to implement them successfully.

  • Webinar participants will understand core resident engagement challenges
  • Webinar participants will learn how to create a resident engagement action plan
  • Webinar participants will discover four to six tried and true resident engagement strategies


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*All attendees will receive 1-hour of NCCAP, NCCDP and NAB CEU credits for attending the live webinar.

Elsabet Haile
Director of Recreation, Volunteer Coordinator
Barclay Friends, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Elsabet Haile has worked in senior health care setting for over 19 years. Her early career was spent working as a Certified Nurses Aide while studying to become a Music Therapist. Upon completion she worked as a Music Therapist, Recreation Director and Volunteer Coordinator and has recently become a Certified Dementia Practitioner. As a creative leader, she continues to develop ways to enhance engagement opportunities for the residents at Barclay Friends, through empowering employees across the board.

Donielle Weatherholtz-Palmer
Director of Resident Services
Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury, Virginia

Donielle Weatherholtz-Palmer is the Director of Resident Services at Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury, oversees the social work, activities, creative arts, gift shop, beauty salon, resident concierge and volunteer departments. Donielle is a member of the Interdisciplinary Dementia Inclusive Committee and leads the Diversity committee. She is an Advisory Committee chair member for the Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging. Donielle began her professional career at Walt Disney World in Florida before returning home to begin her work in the long-term care field. She has worked as a social worker for 8 years, nursing home administrator for 2 years and now as a Director for 4 years. This year, Donielle completed her certificate of aging studies from VCU.