Maximizing your Programming Time

On-Demand Webinars: Maximizing your Programming Time

Maximizing your Programming Time

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Recorded on: 05/26/2020

As activity professionals, the demands on your time have never been higher. As conscientious individuals, you need all the time-savers you can access that will still enable you to provide quality programming. This webinar, with featured speaker Kathy Laurenhue, CEO of Wiser Now, Inc., will focus on maximizing the existing resources at your fingertips, particularly those from Activity Connection.


• Learn how to use the resources provided by Activity Connection themes to minimize necessary planning time.
• Showcase at least three hidden gems on Activity Connection’s site that can save time, especially in planning for men.
• Demonstrate the interconnectedness of Activity Connection’s offerings so that Plan B is always easy to find.


Dawn Worsley, ADC/EDU/MC, MDEC

Dawn Worsley

Dawn Worsley is the owner of Dawn on the Horizon, LLC in Baltimore, MD and she serves on a variety of boards including her current position as the President of the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP). Dawn is Activity Director Certified (ADC) with a specialization in Memory Care and Education, a Certified Eden Alternative Associate as well as Montessori Dementia Engagement Certified. She is also an authorized certification instructor with NCCAP.

In addition to serving as an Activity Director, Corporate Program Development Consultant, Admissions and Marketing Director of Alzheimer’s and Gero-Psych units, she is also a Regional Clinical Specialist. She has a vast knowledge base in many facets of long-term care and community services and is considered a pioneer in her field regarding resident rights and culture change. She is also a national speaker on a variety of topics for health care workers and has published both in print and video, having worked in collaboration with The University of Maryland Video Press.

Kathy Laurenhue
Wiser Now, Inc.

Kathy Laurenhue

Kathy Laurenhue’s company, Wiser Now, Inc., is a multi-media publishing and staff development company focused on wellbeing in aging that aims to be practical and lighthearted in everything it produces. That means that a course on continence care for people with dementia began by noting, “We can’t be anal about this.”

On the practical side, Wiser Now provides dozens of online courses, webinars and other consulting services to a variety of clients in the U.S. and Australia. Her brain-stimulating writing includes more than a thousand downloadable, printable trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics, and imaginative/ reminiscence exercises that can be adapted into multiple formats. Her latest products include creating a series of slide shows related to those games and quizzes and turning her online courses into downloadable audiovisual webinars. Kathy is also the author of five books, including, Creating Delight – Connecting Gratitude, Humor, and Play, which essentially sums up her life and work goals.

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