Fall Reduction: Uncovering the Winning Partnership of Resident Engagement and Technology

On-Demand Webinars: Fall Reduction: Uncovering the Winning Partnership of Resident Engagement and Technology

Fall Reduction: Uncovering the Winning Partnership of Resident Engagement and Technology

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Recorded on: 07/06/2021

It’s hard to miss the influx of new senior living-focused technology – claiming everything from enhancing the lives of residents to improving staff efficiency. Technology is not the “end all, be all” problem-solver, but in this webinar, we’ll share how to find the right balance of digital and human interactions to elevate your programs while reducing risks and achieving immediate results. Join this webinar featuring Shirley Nickels, COO of SafelyYou, and Sara Padilla, Vice President of Resident Care of Merrill Gardens, to see first-hand how resident engagement can reduce falls with technology such as SafelyYou’s proven artificial intelligence-enabled fall detection and prevention as a case study.

We’ll share real-life examples from leading providers such as Merrill Gardens to illustrate how technology revealed that even small changes in resident activities and daily routines created safer, more enjoyable environments and lives for residents. Gaps can be revealed that significantly impact not only the safety and comfort of residents but also the bottom line for your communities. Significant cost reduction, that can cover far more than your investment, is possible through the timely orchestration of digital and human interactions. You’ll learn best practices to not only reduce falls and ER visits in your community but elevate your standard of care.


Participants who join this webinar will be able to:

  • Learn best practices for resident engagement to create safer environments and minimize risk
  • See how technology can uncover the root cause of falls to enable action plans to reduce falls and ER visits
  • Understand how technology can help elevate standard of care and provide significant financial benefits to both communities and families

Sara Padilla, RN
Vice President of Resident Care

Merrill Gardens

Sara Padilla brings over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in senior living to her role as Vice President of Resident Care at Merrill Gardens. Sarais a registered nurse with experience that includes time as an Executive Director, Senior Director of Service Alignment, Vice President of Quality Services and Senior Director of Pharmacy Management. In her current role she leads a team of five regional nurses with oversight of 70 assisted living and memory care communities in 20 states. She is responsible for quality improvement activities that focus on wellness, clinical management, resident risk management, financial management, staff training and education, staff performance, and survey readiness. She also oversees the Merrill Gardens Memory Care program and the internal compliance team. Most recently she led Merrill Gardens’ response to the pandemic. Sara is a graduate of the Indian River School of Nursing.

Shirley Nickels


Shirley Nickels is an entrepreneur and business leader with more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare technology. She is responsible for SafelyYou’s product strategy, marketing, customer experience and operations. Focused on client success, Shirley applies her vast knowledge in technology and artificial intelligence to enhance SafelyYou’s program and has successfully decreased resident falls by 40% and emergency room visits by 80% in partner memory care communities where falls are the leading cause of hospitalization, helping to retain residents and extend length of stay. She manages a team that has reviewed more than 15K+ videos of resident falls and is passionate about sharing these learnings to help address the leading cause of injuries and hospitalization for older adults, especially those living with dementia. Shirley leads educational webinars on fall insights and speaks at national conferences along with customers to share success stories and help others prevent falls.