Empathetic Management Improves Resident Engagement


Empathetic Management Improves Resident Engagement

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This presentation will explore the differences between a Leader that utilizes sympathy versus empathy in the management of his or her team and how this in turn can impact employee and resident satisfaction in senior living communities. The presentation reviews the various aspects of the two approaches. Dave Keaton Jr. will discuss how empathetic management is more valuable and successful, especially in very difficult situations and how resident engagement can be improved when this approach is taken. Specific examples of situations in which sympathy and empathy can and should be used will be reviewed.

Participants who join this webinar will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between sympathy and empathy and how they impact employee and resident satisfaction
  • Learn how to properly utilize empathetic management in difficult situations and how this can improve resident engagement
  • Review the pitfalls of empathetic management

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Dave Keaton, Jr.
Management Consultant

David Keaton, Jr. is a Management Consultant. He served as the President of The Aspenwood Company. In that role, he provided oversight of daily operations encompassing strategic, financial, operational, and marketing aspects for the company’s multiple properties.