Digitizing Engagement

On-Demand Webinars: Digitizing Engagement

Digitizing Engagement

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Recorded on: 07/19/2018

What are the best tools and technologies available on the market to help engage the older adult in senior care? How do we choose the right tools and technologies to support and enhance the quality of life and aging in place? In this session, we will explore new trends, innovative products and implementation best practices in improving the experience of our residents. From intelligent voice control devices to artificial intelligence and cognitive “orthotics”, we will explore the landscape of technologies to support senior care staff in enhancing autonomy and well-being for their residents.

About the Speakers

Galina Madjaroff
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Clinical Associate Professor
Erickson School at UMBC

Upon completing her Master’s degree in Management of Aging Services from the Erickson School, she pursued a Doctorate in the Information Systems department at UMBC with a concentration in Human Centered Computing. Galina’s research focuses on improving the lives of older adults with dementia through the use of accessible technologies. She has presented her research at venues around the country and internationally, as well as consulted with technology companies on the design of new devices for older adults. Galina has published on various topics including Person-Centered Technology and Quality of Life, Narratives of Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Their Caregivers and Supporting Caregivers and Care Recipients After the Onset of Cognitive Impairment with Home Based Technology. Most recently she was awarded a National Science Foundation Grant to explore Negotiating Cyber Systems Access for Older Adults with Mild Neurocognitive Disorder. Galina is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Charles de Vilmorin
CEO & Founder
Linked Senior

While at Georgetown University, Charles wrote his thesis on retirement communities: The nursing home institution, a Foucauldian paradigm (2006). Around the same time, his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and moved to a nursing home. These two experiences helped Charles realize how lonely, bored and secluded many residents of nursing homes and retirement communities were. Linked Senior was created to enhance the quality of the lives of these seniors.

He serves on the board of:
• The Validation Training Institute: The Validation Method is proven method of communication developed by Naomi Feil that helps improve the connection between caregivers and older adults experiencing dementia.
• AMDA: The Society for Post Acute and Long Term Care Medecine.