Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Senior Living & Community-Based Care


Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Senior Living & Community-Based Care

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Live Webinar: Tuesday, June 9th, from 1pm – 2pm ET

Featured speaker Doug Pace, Director of Mission Partnerships with the Alzheimer’s Association, will address the following session objectives during this webinar:

Understand the importance of evidence-based, peer reviewed recommendations for professionals across the continuum of senior living services and supports and the importance of person-centered care for persons living with dementia.

Gain an understanding of each of the topic areas of the Dementia Care Practice Recommendations and how they can be applied in all settings of senior living and community-based care.

Learn about new emergency preparedness guidelines developed for caring for persons living with dementia in senior living or community-based care settings.

Listen to the recording here.

Doug Pace
Director of Mission Partnerships
Alzheimer’s Association

Doug pace

Doug Pace is the Director of Mission Partnerships with the Alzheimer’s Association.  In this role, he provides strategic leadership in quality, person-centered dementia care in long-term and community based care.  He was the co-lead of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Dementia Care Practice Recommendations released in a special supplement of The Gerontologist. Previously, Doug was the Executive Director of the Advancing Excellence in Long Term Care Collaborative (AELTCC).  The AELTCC’s major initiative was the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Home Campaign, a national campaign to improve the quality of life and quality of care for the country’s nursing home residents.  Prior to AELTCC, Doug was the Executive Director of the Long-Term Quality Alliance (LTQA).

Before joining the LTQA, Doug was the Director of the Long-Term Care Solution Campaign at Leading Age in Washington, DC.  He returned back to Leading Age in March 2008 after 18 months as the Executive Director of the National Commission for Quality Long-Term Care at The New School in New York, NY.  Before joining the Commission, Doug was the Vice-President for Culture Transformation and the Director of Assisted Living and Continuing Care with Leading Age. Prior to joining Leading Age in June of 2001, Doug was the President of Leading Age Tennessee in Nashville, TN.  He is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator who ran a 210 bed multi-level facility including a SNF, NF, a secured Alzheimer’s unit and assisted living before joining Leading Age TN.

Charles de Vilmorin
CEO and Co-founder
Linked Senior

Photo: Charles de Vilmorin

Charles de Vilmorin is the co-founder and CEO of Linked Senior, a resident engagement platform for senior care. He has more than 9 years of experience in the healthcare and long-term care field. He is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Validation Method Worker.

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