Are Residents Pivoting with Programming the Same Way Providers are?


Are Residents Pivoting with Programming the Same Way Providers are?

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Live Webinar: Tuesday, December 15th, from 1pm – 2pm EST

Join us for a Linked Senior webinar with featured speakers Kelly Stranburg, CEO at Excellence in Wellness and Sara Kyle, Principal at Life Elevated 3 (LE3). As providers or operators in the senior living and housing space we’ve been forced, for the better in many cases but perhaps some not, to pivot operations and thus the resident engagement piece. But how have we taken the time to learn how the residents have embraced or adopted these pivots and shifts in what we offer for them? Have we asked the simple questions of what do you want out of programs and offerings? The frequency? Day and time? By stepping back to gain the greatest voice in this equation we can ensure operator moves are in alignment with resident needs and desires.

Participants who join will:
• Acquire a short list of thoughtful resident needs based engagement questions to utilize to support resident driven programming shifts.
Share recent wins and successes in order to expose industry peers to new ideas and opportunities.
Be exposed to resources and tools available to meet a large range of needs based upon resident feedback.

Watch the recording here

Kelly Stranburg, M.Ed.
LE3 Solutions

Kelly Stranburg, M.Ed., has worked with aging adults for over 20 years, with 12 of those specific to the senior living industry. Over the years Ms. Stranburg has supported over 30 CCRCs and many AL/MCs. Her most successful roles have been positions she has created from the ground up which has enabled her to analyze, identify needs and gaps, and create and implement solutions for the greater good of the residents which in turns supports the operators.

In a time of increasing competition for senior living communities, comprehensive wellness programs can help organizations remain financially fit by enhancing resident health and happiness and strengthening staff satisfaction. In addition, the need to simply connect with others, as we have seen to be of even greater importance during the pandemic, can be facilitated in safe and effective manners via an effective wellness program. Ms. Stranburg believes in the power of relationships and connectivity and emphasizes those at the core of new programs, education opportunities, and operational problem solving.

Ms. Stranburg is the creator of award-winning Argentum Best of the Best Wellness Program for 2010, 2011, and 2012. She has been a featured columnist in the Journal on Active Aging and a selected speaker at national senior living and active aging conferences. Recently, Ms. Stranburg’s involvement in a panel discussion on engagement at home during the time of Covid-19 was featured on Ms. Stranburg holds many certifications and credentials in fitness, wellness, dementia, resident engagement as listed below. Ms. Stranburg is an innovative leader and emphasizes wellness incorporated into all aspects of an organization in order to truly exude wellness and well-being for its aging customers.

Sara Kyle, PhD
Principal and Founder
LE3 Solutions

Sara Kyle, PhD and her company, LE3 Solutions, navigate three different verticals, all directly impacting engagement and well-being offerings, regardless what setting an individual chooses to age. We work with new solutions coming to market in the senior space and also support existing solutions looking for ways to optimize their offering, increase adoption or integrate with others reducing the confusion and noise for program leaders.  Lastly, LE3 partners with owners and operators in senior living and home health to formulate a strategic vision around engagement and then identify the metrics for assessment and ongoing evaluation.