Linked Senior and CareWorx Sign Deal to Offer Advanced Engagement Solutions to Combat Dementia

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Linked Senior and CareWorx Sign Deal to Offer Advanced Engagement Solutions to Combat Dementia

Posted on July 21, 2014

Engaging Seniors With Technology Designed To Help Support Person Centered Care

CareWorx announced today that Linked Senior has requested it’s first large order of interactive touch screen devices for use with it’s cloud based dementia and therapy engagement software for the senior housing market. The touch screens, supplied by CareWorx, will be used by residents of senior care facilities and their families to engage with and “play” interactive software designed to nurture and stimulate memory care for all levels of dementia.

“Being able to provide seniors with the tools they need to help improve their lives is a top priority for our organization,” said Mark Tomzak, CEO of CareWorx. “Linked Senior is enormously important in that respect, and having them choose our touch screens for their durability, user friendliness and reliability in uncertain environments helps us make a difference.”

Shared clients by both companies are now leveraging the best combination of software and hardware designed specifically to suit the needs of a senior care environment. The initial roll out of screens to Linked Senior customers piloted the newest hardware from CareWorx that showcased not only the potential behind the interactive component of the Linked Senior software, but the ability for flexible expansion of the technology platform for the near future. The key benefit CareWorx screens offer over traditional “consumer available” products stems from their durability. More than 10 years of experience in senior care facilities has provided ample front-line exposure to help CareWorx design hardware rugged enough to withstand the 24/7/365 environment that is senior care.

“After careful consideration, we are very excited to partner with such a reputable company as Careworx“, said Charles de Vilmorin, Linked Senior CEO. “The quality, durability and user friendliness they offer aligns with the level of service we expect for each of our clients. Careworx is the type of partner that helps our clients focus on care, deliver outcomes and enhance the lives of people living with dementia by lowering their technology concerns and maximizing their operational availability.”

Linked Senior provides custom, person centered experiences in retirement communities through touchscreen interfaces and a 100% web based platform.  Residents, staff and families have access to meaningful engagement and stimulation no matter the background of the person or their physical or cognitive journey.

About CareWorx Inc.
CareWorx is the largest provider of Point of Care, eMAR, mobile computing and wireless networking hardware solutions for use with EHR software applications in the North American senior care market. With an intimate understanding of how senior care staff needs to interact with technology, combined with more than 10 years of dedicated experience, CareWorx has designed their best of breed solutions to be rugged enough to withstand the harsh environment of a senior care facility while also being extremely efficient and energy conscious. More than 2,300 facilities currently operate over 20,000 CareWorx touch screens for their daily electronic health record (EHR) documentation. CareWorx has helped drive the advancement and adoption of technology for senior care, and is committed to continuing the development and support of emerging and appropriate technologies. See more at

About Linked Senior
Headquartered in Washington DC, Linked Senior Inc. is the leader in dementia care and therapy engagement software for the senior care market. Its cloud based solution improves outcomes, client satisfaction and helps reduce anti-psychotic drug use by supporting person centered life enrichment. More information can be found here: – See more at: