Linked Senior announces the release of advanced brain fitness and non-pharmacological intervention features

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Linked Senior announces the release of advanced brain fitness and non-pharmacological intervention features

Posted on February 11, 2014

Washington DC, February, 11th 2014: Linked Senior Inc., the leader in resident engagement for the senior housing and long term care market, announced today the release of advanced tools for brain health and non-pharmacological wellness initiatives. In partnership with Dr Rob Winningham, Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Division at Western Oregon University, the company built this new offering based on client feedback, current research and growing needs in the marketplace.

These features include stimulating activities and games designed to target crucial cognitive abilities, such as language, concentration, inhibition, visual spatial, reasoning and working memory. Also available are social engagement activities for low and high functioning residents. Given the importance of programming across the continuum of cognitive abilities, Linked Senior also promotes a series of activities for residents with more severe levels of cognitive impairment.

According to Charles De Vilmorin, Linked Senior CEO, “Caregivers nationwide are seeing an increase in acuity and have to deal with complex challenges, such as providing person centered care to residents with higher cognitive impairments and more diverse types of diagnoses while often facing decreased budgets and pressure to reduce the use of anti-psychotic drugs. Our work in partnership with clients and Dr. Rob Winningham is a direct response to this need and further supports our mission of enhancing lives of seniors. A direct example of this type of challenge is the 2012 CMS quality initiatives to improve behavioral health and reduce the use of antipsychotic medications in nursing home residents”

“Linked Senior is providing an unmet need in the retirement housing industry that bridges the gap between staff and resident. The cognitive stimulation resources that Linked Senior has can be used to maintain or even improve cognitive abilities and levels of resident engagement. As an Advisory Board member, I look forward to helping them create even more content and interventions to improve older adults’ cognitive abilities and quality of life”, stated Dr. Winningham.

Dr. Rob Winningham joined the Linked Senior advisory board in May 2012 and has been helping the management team develop its product and strategy. Dr. Winningham has nearly 20 years of experience researching applied memory issues and has conducted research on older adults for the past 15 years. He has developed programs to improve older adults’ cognitive and physical well-being and has trained over 4,000 instructors in North America to offer similar programs. Dr. Winningham received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience in 2000 from Baylor University. In addition to publishing many peer-reviewed articles in the area of human memory and gerontology, Dr. Winningham has made television and radio appearances and has given well over 500 presentations about memory and aging at various conferences and workshops. His book Train Your Brain: How to Maximize Memory Ability in Older Adulthood was published by Baywood Publishing in 2010. For more information go to:

Headquartered in Washington DC, Linked Senior, Inc. is the leading provider of resident engagement solutions for the long term care market. By using technology to support programming, therapy & wellness the service opens communities to the world, improves outcomes, resident & family satisfaction, while helping management optimize productivity and efficiencies. More information can be found here: