Activity Connection and Linked Senior, Inc. Announce Joint Venture

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Activity Connection and Linked Senior, Inc. Announce Joint Venture

Posted on March 1, 2012

Washington DC, March 1st 2012: Activity Connection, an online resource for activity professionals designed to reduce planning and preparation time and Linked Senior Inc., a next generation technology provider helping senior care leaders improve the quality of life of their residents, announced today a joint venture to create, promote and manage an online interactive system to deliver activities, programs and wellness experiences to residents of the senior housing industry.

The result of this joint venture is an interactive online resource that can be used to engage, stimulate and provide meaningful activities to residents of retirement communities and simplifies the jobs of their activity directors.  Additional products such as interactive calendars and other productivity tools are on their way.

“Linked Senior is a visionary company. They have an exciting technology uniquely positioned to positively impact Senior Care. As an active player in the industry, I look forward to working with Linked Senior to enhance our offerings and the lives of seniors”, states Bob Ewald, Vice President of Marketing at Activity Connection.

According to Charles De Vilmorin, Linked Senior CEO, “We have worked with Activity Connection for years and consider them to be one of our most valuable partners. Beyond the pleasure of working with their team, this joint venture is another commitment of our company to deliver great experiences to residents of retirement communities by supporting activity, programming and wellness staff. We firmly believe that by empowering and simplifying their jobs, we actively contribute to enhancing lives in senior communities.”

Activity Connection provides complete and ready-to-go activities for activity professionals.  Its mission is to minimize the time that activity professionals spend on planning and preparation, so they can do what they enjoy the most, interacting with seniors. Their motto is “We make you look good!” Located in Portland, Oregon, Activity Connection has enjoyed steady growth during its eight plus years in operation. In addition to ready-to-go activities, the company offers products to support activity programs, certified online courses, and professional quality printing services.

Headquartered in Washington DC, Linked Senior Inc. is one of the leading providers of technology solutions for wellness and programming for the senior housing market.  Its vision is to enhance the quality of life in senior communities through better access to information, entertainment, education, and therapy.  The service opens communities to the world while helping management improve their programming, productivity and efficiencies.

Linked Senior uses simple technology to support wellness in a social, interactive, meaningful and engaging way. The system includes a touch screen kiosk and content tailored for seniors.  Some of the features included are games, puzzles, visual experiences for reminiscence, brain fitness, education and therapy tools. More information can be found here: