How much do you know about Brain health?

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How much do you know about Brain health?

Posted on February 13, 2013

Many of us have heard that physical exercise, proper amount of sleep are great ways to enhance the way your brain functions. But there are probably a few facts about the brain you didn’t know! Let’s find out how well your brain knows what’s best for itself with this quick quiz below!

1. Exercise assists in preventing shrinkage of which part of the brain, which leads to memory loss?A. Cranium B. Cerebellum C. Hippocampus D. All

2. Which of these foods are considered one of the best brain foods? A. Fish B. Steak C. Vegetables D. All

3. Which of these other health issues are associated with dementia? A. Diabetes B. Obesity C. Hypertension D. All

4. Which vitamin deficiency is associated with smaller brains? A. Vitamin C  B. Vitamin K  C. Vitamin B12  D. All

5. Napping for 30-40 minutes a day is good for your brain health? True or False?

6. A 15 minute conversations with peers can improve short-term memory. True or False?

7. Is it better to practice routine puzzles or learn new things to increase brain power? A. Learn New Things B. Routine Puzzles

8. Which exercise is best for your brain? A. Yoga B. Aerobic C. Weight Lifting D. All

9. Stress makes your brain work double hard and it gets double strong. True or False?

10. True or false, once you get old, your brain stops making new neurons?


That wasn’t too bad was it? Before reading the answers, CONGRATULATIONS are in order! These trivial questions helped exercise your brain by searching for information that your brain may have previously absorbed. During the searching process you exercised the frontal, parietal and occipital lobe all by reading, problem solving, memory, and your intellect! What a great start trivia can be to begin exercising your brain daily. So tally up your scores with the answers below. If you need some brushing up on programs that benefit your brain, check out some of our other blog posts here.

Answer key: 

1. The Hippocampus 2.Fish 3.All 4. B12 5.True 6.True7.Learn New Things 8.Aerobic 9.False 10.False