Active seniors help culture change

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Active seniors help culture change

Posted on August 14, 2009

It’s amazing how our preconceived image of Aging make us think that seniors all gather in one place and do nothing for the rest of their life. Culture change is here to help us and has already done a lot. However the average Joe still believes that being a senior means having a boring life. This is maybe why it comes to a surprise for some of us when we realize how active some seniors are.

Here, at Linked Senior, we try to keep track of all the different news of what our seniors do – which can be hard!!

Recently, we noted the fact that the senior population is the fastest growing segment of our population on Facebook, which shows how interested they are by technology, social networking, keeping in touch with family, friends and keeping up with society trends.
We also discovered that they are on the verge of creating an entrepreneurship boom proving that they are not ready to leave the workplace and are still interested in creating value for themselves and other.
We all know how seniors love to travel and know how to develop different hobbies. But they are also very active in the arts and are not afraid of taking modern communication tools and singing styles like rapping to express themselves. A great example is the Funky Fresh Sr. Choir, a choir composed of seniors singing songs by Eminem.
Of course, we all know of Bruce Springsteen and Neil young still doing concerts at the age of sixty and plus, Clint Eastwood and Al Pacino, still active in the movie industry and several of our politicians…

As mentioned in our previous post, being mentally and physically active is the best way to keep ourselves in good health.
On the longer term, active senior helps to change the misconceptions about the elderly and what they can still do for our society. They need to be understood and treated as active citizens that still contribute and have an important role to play.