At Linked Senior, we are committed to helping you engage your residents so they can find purpose everyday. As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, we understand that you are facing an unprecedented time of uncertainty and that one of your top priorities right now is to continue to provide meaningful engagement opportunities for residents in your care.

We are excited to extend access to our award winning, evidence-based resident engagement platform to your community at no cost, no strings attached and on an unlimited basis for you and all of your team until things go back to normal or at least 90 days.

To access it please:

  1. Fill in this form and we will get back to you very shortly
  2. Install our application, instructions here
  3. Read our Getting Started with Linked Senior guide here

To ensure that we can provide services to as many people as possible while also ensuring that our clients are being properly serviced, the access to our product does not include access to our other products, technical support, quality or uptime minimum, reporting, corporate management, or access to our Customer Success Management team.

If you are interested in any of this, please contact us at: .

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