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3 tiered approach to engagement based on dementia stages

One of the challenges of dementia engagement is focusing on what an individual can still do instead of what they can no longer do. Creating engagement and programming around the resident’s desire is at the core of person centered care, but to be successful, it needs to take into account the kinds of tasks they can perform. Taking into account two […]

Linked Senior and CareWorx Sign Deal to Offer Advanced Engagement Solutions to Combat Dementia

Engaging Seniors With Technology Designed To Help Support Person Centered Care CareWorx announced today that Linked Senior has requested it’s first large order of interactive touch screen devices for use with it’s cloud based dementia and therapy engagement software for the senior housing market. The touch screens, supplied by CareWorx, will be used by residents […]

6 ways to Successfully Communicate Non-Verbally with Dementia Residents

Communication is an essential part in enhancing the quality of life, especially for dementia residents. Dementia creates challenges for how people understand what is being communicated to them, along with being able to express themselves to others. This language deterioration is known as aphasia.  Difficulties that arise from not being able to communicate can lead […]