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Dementia & Programming – 5 tips to choosing an appropriate activity

Delivering proper engagement to people with dementia is critical for their quality of life and ability to thrive at any stage of the disease. The challenge lies often in finding something that is meaningful and person centered. Here are five guidelines to successfully choose an appropriate activity for someone with dementia:  1. Assess their skills, life […]

Linked Senior Becomes Preferred Business Partner of the ICAA

Linked Senior is proud to announce that it is now a Preferred Business Partner of the International Council of Active Aging (ICAA). Charles de Vilmorin, Linked Senior CEO says: “It’s an honor to work with a recognized organization whose mission fits so well with our own: Enhancing life in senior communities”. Vision The International Council […]

How much do you know about Brain health?

Many of us have heard that physical exercise, proper amount of sleep are great ways to enhance the way your brain functions. But there are probably a few facts about the brain you didn’t know! Let’s find out how well your brain knows what’s best for itself with this quick quiz below! 1. Exercise assists in preventing […]