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Three tips on building Physical and Social activities as non-pharmacological interventions for dementia.

Last month, we provided three tips to reduce the use of antipsychotics by promoting more Patient centered care. To elaborate more on this series of cutting back the unnecessary usage of the drugs, we are going to discuss more on patient centered care and the positive impact activity programs can have in becoming alternatives in […]

Linked Senior CEO on how Activities positively impact the bottom line

A comprehensive wellness program that includes the proper balance of physical exercise and brain fitness also pays dividends to facilities in the form of healthier residents who live and stay longer, says Charles de Vilmorin, CEO of Linked Senior. “Long-term care organizations are in the business of selling out the building,” he reminds. “When people […]

4 Ways to Assist with Wandering Residents

It is known by many that when working in Long Term Care communities there are many occasions where residents tend to begin to wander. Many of these residents may have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or they may even experience confusion caused by the side effects of “sundowners” with the changing from day to […]