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Challenging residents, 5 tips to keep them engaged.

The responsibilities and requirements of an Activity or Programming Professional go far beyond planning monthly calendars, setting up party decorations, and calling Bingo. It also requires engaging all residents and encouraging them in building positive surroundings. This can be difficult for some segments of a population. Here are 5 frequently observed types of challenging residents […]

Linked Senior CEO on how to help families tackle guilt through effective programming & experience

How many times have families promised to an elder, “I will never put you in a nursing home?” All families want to keep their loved ones safe, comfortable, healthy and happy. As a person becomes dependent, comes a time when they can no longer stay in their home. Feelings of sadness or guilt often accompany […]

Study shows increase lifespan through social, mental and physical activity engagement

Research titled “Lifestyle, social factors, and survival after age 75:population based study”  published in August 2012 by BMJ Group found that seniors who were more active mentally, physically and socially were more likely to live past the age of 90. Research shows that seniors that were more active lived 5.4 years longer, on average, than […]

Health Benefits in Internet usage for Older Adults

A study conducted in April, 2012 shows that within recent years American adults ages 65 and older have become more computer savvy through internet usage and email. With the past years showing little usage growth in this age group, this current 53% usage rate is significant. With the increase of internet usage, many positive health […]