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5 Group Programs to promote Cognitive Stimulation at all levels of cognitive function

Structured group activities designed to stimulate cognition has shown to be effective in improving the mental functions of people with mild to moderate dementia, according to a new study was published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. (Click here to read the full study).  Cognitive Stimulation provides activities for people with dementia to stimulate thinking, memory and […]

Practical Advice from America’s Wisest; The Elderly

In 2004 Karl Pillemer, a professor of human development in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University, created a program that allowed for people to collect practical advice from America’s elders. What better way to gain some insight and guidance for our future? Enjoy these bits of wisdom form some of America’s wisest!   […]

Reap the Benefits of Playing, at Any Age!

Relationships between younger people and the elderly have proven to be beneficial in young people’s lives by assisting them in shaping their values, motivating their goals, influencing their life choices, and helping promote a sense of identity and roots. But are the youngsters impacting the elderly as well? They sure have the ability too. How […]

3 Key Points to Improve Quantity and Quality of Volunteers within your Community.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average of volunteers nationwide rose 5% from 2010-2011. That makes 28.6%, 64.3 million Americans, volunteering their time to serve. How many Volunteers do you have helping you? With these simples tips you can enhance the quality and quantity of volunteers you have! Before we can begin the search […]

Memory and brain health expert Dr. Robert Winningham joins Linked Senior Board of Advisors

Washington DC, May 1st 2012: Linked Senior Inc., a next generation technology provider helping senior care leaders improve the quality of life of their residents, announced today the addition of Dr. Rob Winningham to its Board of Advisors.  Dr.  Winningham is a professor of psychology and Chair of the Psychology Division (includes Gerontology & Psychology […]