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Holiday Greetings from Linked Senior!!

Our team here at Linked Senior would like to extend to you our holiday greetings; we hope you will have relaxing time amongst your loved ones and wish you many nice things for the year to come. But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. ~Benjamin […]

Does life start at…. 46???

It may seems trivial but stating it again helps us put things in perspective: we start growing old when… we are born. The Aging process has multiple phases and we usually only mention “Age” for the older part of our life. It is actually now commonly accepted that the average human body reaches its full […]

Holiday family visits – 4 tips to make them a success

Holidays are important. They are times when we all take a break and relax awaiting for the following year. They are also times when families reconnect, spend time together and have wonderful opportunities to visit older members. A visit to an elderly person, especially during the holidays, can lift everyone’s spirits well as provide the […]