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Email is just too slow

Every year in august since 1998, Beloit College releases what has become known as the Beloit list:After assessing their new students, the college comes up with a list of facts that show cultural highlights of the new generation.It was initially created to serve as an indicator to teachers of dated references, and quickly became a […]

5 attributes to successful change

As organizations take on new projects and services, attention needs to be dedicated to the underlying fundamentals of successful changes. When it comes to senior communities and whether this includes a technological component or not, these concepts remain the same and are useful to mitigate risk.Here are the five attributes that one should pay attention […]

Linked Senior at the Pioneer Network – Aug 8-11 2010

Linked Senior is proud to participate in the Pioneer Network‘s highly anticipated national conference. It is the nation’s largest and most successful conference of its kind. The three-day conference is a showcase for innovative thought and transformative practices in the long-term care culture change movement — as well as an opportunity to facilitate communication among […]