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Tools of Engagement: 4 ways to put residents in charge

Communities that are successfully enhancing their residents’ activity and life enrichment program often point to a simple strategy: ask them what they want to do. Today’s seniors and people retiring in the coming future seem to be more eager to participate in activity planning than residents in years past. To start off this kind of […]

Social Media for Communities

In addition to direct benefits to residents, which we’ll cover shortly, social media can bring a very interesting mix for retirement communities on an image & marketing aspect. Word of mouth is a powerful influence. When we have direct contact with someone, we tend to have more trust in what is said because there is […]

Music Processing Seems Unaffected By Alzheimer’s

Information that is “musically encoded” appears to boost short-term memory in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study in the Neuropsychologia journal, researchers presented the lyrics of 40 children’s songs to 13 individuals with Alzheimer’s disease as well as 14 individuals with no history of neurodegenerative disease. “The participants read short excerpts of each […]