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The cement of our industry

Any industry can be qualified on how open it is to the rest of the economy, how easy it is to access decision makers and understand the underlying rules, vocabulary and how it functions. When looking at the confined spaces that our retirement communities are, one could assume that the senior care industry is quite […]

Active seniors help culture change

It’s amazing how our preconceived image of Aging make us think that seniors all gather in one place and do nothing for the rest of their life. Culture change is here to help us and has already done a lot. However the average Joe still believes that being a senior means having a boring life. […]

Announcing an event sponsored by Linked Senior!!!

Linked Senior is proud to announce an event with Nancy Ewald, the founder of This event organized thanks to the help of the ProAging network will take place at the Vinson Hall Retirement Community on September 9th at noon.Here is the event description: Are you prepared to deliver the lifestyle that aging baby boomers […]